Kingship – Circa 2008/2009

View of throne

I am a King.

A sub-king (so to speak), to my husband who will reign as “Head King” ruler of my earthly crown.

I am a king by the Grace of God – having equal authority with my husband as a joint heir of salvation, but being humble as my Savior by not being prideful to submit my authority on earth to an earthly king… for a while and … for the sake of order.

I am not a queen, having a smaller throne by my husband, the king. I am a sub-king sharing his throne with him, keeping silence before his subjects in respect of his superiority and serving him with my heart, my prayers, my efforts… all of my precious graces.

I am a king, as the son of the most high God, my spirit having no gender and my will being wholly submitted to God’s Spirit, being in His like image: a form without private parts, being already formed prior to His breath giving life in my human body, giving me privacy of parts, giving me a place in this plane as a being. A woman being – being spirit, knowing truth; pre-humanity, pre-failing traditions; pre –temptation, pre-apple, pre-fall, pre-failures.

I am a king, and therefore I reign jointly with my Head-King, over his kingdom, administering his justice and giving direction to the baby kings of our bodies and counsel to members of our sphere of influence.

Only one who is weak and without purpose allows herself a throne which can either easily be moved or be joined to another throne… that, in woman form is a queen, in man form, an abomination.

I am not a queen.

By the Grace of God, understanding His purpose and His Will for me, I exist as I am…in the I AM.

It is in this state of existence that I live and move and from HIM have my being…existing wholly as a son….I AM A KING.

When my Head-King comes, he will know me and I will reign with him and we will be co-joined in body, spirit, mind and soul and we two shall be ONE Spirit. ONE body. ONE. KING.

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